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Cited by Name in "News From ME"

"News From ME" is the blog kept by Mark Evanier, a writer whose work I admire. Evanier writes comic books (such as the Groo series) and has also written for Hollywood. He's got a lot of interesting connections and is happy to share stories in a very matter-of-fact way about people you've probably heard of and people you should have heard of. He's also extremely erudite, in a way that makes me gnash my teeth in envy.

His entries don't allow for direct comment, but he does read the replies emailed to him, and on Monday I emailed him about his comments on the possible upcoming announcement of Deep Throat's identity. I was delighted to note that yesterday Evanier quoted my email and cited me by name.

Go to the bottom of Read "Throat Culture Part II" and then "Throat Problems" to see what he said, my comment, and his reply.

And then, if you're not reading his blog, stick around for a while, as it's good stuff. It's even syndicated on LJ, at mark_evanier.
Tags: comics, history, politics

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