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Top Ten Boston Snowstorms -- Plus Extra!

On Monday morning, gnomi noticed that meteorologist Pete Bouchard of WHDH-TV (channel 7; our local NBC affiliate) had presented a chart showing the top ten recorded snowstorms in Boston. Knowing my love of such statistics, Nomi made sure to copy down the chart. I was disappointed that the chart listing for the two tied storms at number 10 only gave the year of those storms, and not the day, so I emailed Mr. Bouchard using the WHDH webpage, and he kindly gave me the information requested.

So, for those who are as interested in this sort of pedantry as I am, here's the list of storms; if there is only one day listed, it's possible that the storm lasted into the next day, but I don't have all that information. Note that the Blizzard of 2005 is at number 5, the tie is at number 10, and the list includes number 11. Also, I don't know where the December 2003 storm falls on the list; it might be at number 12, but it might be lower. However, since I personally experienced it, I wanted to include it.

1. February 17-18, 2003 (Mon-Tues)
27.5 inches

2. February 6, 1978 (The famous Blizzard of 1978)
27.1 inches

3. February 24, 1969
26.3 inches

4. March 31, 1997
25.4 inches

5. January 22-23, 2005 (Sun-Mon)
22.5 inches

6. January 20, 1978 (The forgotten 1978 snowfall that predated the Blizzard)
21.4 inches

7. March 3, 1960
19.8 inches

8. February 16, 1958
19.4 inches

9. February 8, 1994 (The Perfect Storm)
18.7 inches

10. (tie) January 7-8, 1996 & December 20-22, 1975
18.2 inches

11. February 5, 1920
17.3 inches

?. December 7, 2003
17 inches
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