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Atlantic Tunnel

Finally, in just four short years, we'll be able to take the train to Europe from the USA:



I saw a documentary from some cable chanell on this a while ago, there are some really cool ideas but I can't see it working. It would cost billions to build, and would have to be a lot better than the airlines to make sense.

But its a cool idea.

One version I saw had it as an evacuated tunnel in which trains could go 5,000mph. 1 hr New York-> London
Yeah, it would be lovely if this tunnel were for real. But I thought the webpage was cool.
Ha ha ha.
Heh. I have told you about my half-envisioned future with mid-pacific and mid-atlantic railway terminus city-states named Octopus's Garden and Atlantis, right? (The main problem with the Octopus's Garden idea is that there's really only one good spot for it, and Hawaii is already there.)
I want to know how they expect to deal with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The plates separate by a couple centimetres a year -- somehow I think a 400mph train is going to have an issue with that.
There are several ideas, the one I saw was a suspended tunnel, so it does not go threw the bottom but is suspended a few hundred feet below the surface.

Very Late (or Early) April Fools . . . .

Re: Very Late (or Early) April Fools . . . .

a bit of a giveaway was the fact that they're still collecting entries for their giveaway drawing to be held in July 2004.

of course, i was partway through filling out my info before i noticed :)


Re: Very Late (or Early) April Fools . . . .

Um... Steve?

WHat the hoopin' boobah happened to your icon?

It's like Steve, but in scary Klingon-Hobbit mode.

grammar geek here

I knew it was some kind of hoax when I saw the misplaced apostrophe in the paragraph headed "Technology." :P


The four years thing was what got me -- if the Big Dig has taken 10 (so far) and is expected to last 'till 2012, how exactly will this be ready by 2009?
:-) I guess I'm not that gullible after all!
Snopes debunks this on one of their message boards.
I was looking it over going: "This sounds really cool, and almost plausible, but I can't help wondering why I've never heard of it before." And the tech stuff wasn't adding up for me.

But, dangnit, I wished it were true.

Maybe in another hundred years...

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