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Arisia schedule

For anyone who wishes to hear gnomi or me on panels at Arisia, here is our schedule:

Friday 9 PM: "Stop Hollywood Before They Ruin My Favorite Comic Book! " (mabfan)
Saturday 10 AM: "The Very Examined Life" (gnomi)
Saturday 11 AM: "Clever Gravity" (mabfan)
Saturday 12noon: "What Makes an Alien Language Alien" (gnomi)
Saturday 3 PM: "Asimov on Film" (mabfan)
Saturday 6 PM: "Baseball in SF" (mabfan)
Sunday 10 AM: "What Makes a Page-Turner?" (gnomi)
Sunday 12noon: "The 12-Hour LOTR DVD Experience" (mabfan)
Sunday 2 PM: "Beyond Star Trek: Enterprise" (gnomi and mabfan!)

For a full schedule, complete with panel descriptions, locations, and panelists:

Friday 9 PM
"Stop Hollywood Before They Ruin My Favorite Comic Book! " (St James)

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine? Batman & Robin? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Does Hollywood hate these comics or just misunderstand them?

Michael A. Burstein, Resa Nelson, Mark “Justin” Waks
Saturday 10 AM
"The Very Examined Life" (Charles River)
More people are writing in journals than ever before, but instead of private thoughts to be read by a very few many of these journals are online and open to the viewing public. This is the land of the blog site or LiveJournal. What got you into blogging? What keeps you there? Do you enjoy being the center of your very own Cult of Me? Come and listen to our panelists and perhaps meet some of your fellow journalers.

Debra Baker (mamadeb), Bey, Nomi S. Burstein, Sandra McDonald, Barbara Walton, Jonathan Woodward
Saturday 11 AM
"Clever Gravity" (Cabot)
How does Stephen King get away with writing science fiction when he’s never done any grad work in the sciences? He fakes it, and so can you! Learn the dos and don’ts of using science in speculative fiction when you don’t have time for a Masters in Physics.

Michael A. Burstein, Jeanne Cavelos, Bill (Crash) Yerazunis
Saturday 12noon
"What Makes an Alien Language Alien" (St James)

Tired of aliens who show up speaking perfect English? Wonder why the universal translator just isn’t going to work? Irritated with alien language clichés in your stories? This panel is for you!

Nomi S. Burstein, Carl Frederick, Victor Raymond, Lawrence Schoen
Saturday 3 PM
"Asimov on Film" (St James)

Isaac Asimov remains one of the most important figures in SF, yet unlike such writers as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and Philip K. Dick, the attempts to translate his works to the screen inevitably fall short of his vision. Is it the nature of the stories, or is the perfect Asimov film awaiting the right filmmaker?

Michael A. Burstein, Andre Lieven, Ian Randal Strock, Bill (Crash) Yerazunis
Saturday 6 PM
"Baseball in SF" (Back Bay)

If the Red Sox win the World Series in a story, is it science fiction or fantasy? Is the outcome of a sports season sufficient to alter history? Are some scenarios so implausible as to automatically be classed as fantasy?

Michael A. Burstein, Muriel Kanter, Tom Restivo, Jude Shabry, Cecilia Tan
Sunday 10 AM
"What Makes a Page-Turner?" (Charles River)

What makes you stay up all night with a book? Why are some acclaimed and admittedly excellent books not personally gripping? Which authors write page-turners?

Nomi S. Burstein, Victoria McManus, Wen Spencer
Sunday 12noon
"The 12-Hour LOTR DVD Experience" (Lexington)

How have the Extended Editions changed our appreciation and enjoyment of the trilogy?

Michael A. Burstein, Kara Haff, Toni Lay, Wombat
Sunday 2 PM
"Beyond Star Trek: Enterprise" (Charles River)

Has Paramount killed the goose that laid the Golden Franchise?

Michael A. Burstein, Nomi S. Burstein, Toni Lay, Dan Kimmel
Tags: personal, science-fiction

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