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Arisia and Illness

gnomi and I spent the weekend at the Arisia science fiction convention. We had a lot of fun, saw quite a few friends, and did a few panels. Nomi was even on a panel about LiveJournal. We also had a small celebration of Nomi's birthday, which was this past Friday.

However, the end of the convention was a less than healthy experience for me. When I get dehydrated, my body reacts in...interesting ways. I get queasy, lightheaded, and sick. I feel the need to throw up, and find it impossible to hold any food down.

The hotel was very dry.

I woke up Sunday morning at 5 AM feeling ill. Fortunately a Zantac quelled my stomach, but then when we woke up for real at 8 AM I still felt crappy.

Nomi and I had a business breakfast off-site, and we combined it with checking out early and cabbing all our stuff home.

At the breakfast, I ate very lightly (toast and ginger ale), but still ran to the bathroom to expel what was in my stomach.

Afterwards, I decided to stay home. Nomi went back to the convention (at my urging) to do her last panel. I spent the rest of yesterday in bed, eating almost nothing. I drank water, ginger ale, and chicken broth which Nomi made for me when she came home.

As I write this entry this morning, I still feel very lightheaded, but I'm holding down two slices of white bread and a cup of ginger ale. Let's hope my lightheadedness is now due only to lack of food.


Make a note for next year to bring a humidifier with you to the con. I bring one every year, and it makes a big difference. Not that I get any sleep anyway...
We do have a humidifier, but I'm not sure how well it would work. I might just have to remember to drink lots and lots of water...

I found your journal via gnomi's journal.

The hotel was really dry. I didn't realize how dry it was until I got home on Sunday. My allergies were kicking me all weekend, and I couldn't figure out why I was so thirsty when I hadn't really been drinking all that much (never found the Rocket Fuel room *grin*).

The humidifier idea is good.... I might have to remember that next year! :)

Hope you've recovered from con-exhaustion okay...

~ Mel.

December 2016

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