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For the last n years, gnomi and I have been very grateful to be a part of the Feld family tradition. It started even before we were married, when gnomi's parents invited us for the holiday, and then were invited by the parents of their other daughter's husband, the Felds. (gnomi's sister beckyfeld is married to one of the contributors at wetmachine, Harold Feld. Got it?) When gnomi's parents explained that they had already invited us for Thanksgiving, Harold's parents graciously invited us along as well, and it was through this connection that we became good friends with Harold's cousin lisafeld.

This year, however, beckyfeld had to work on Thanksgiving, so she and Harold (and Aaron) were unable to come up from Maryland for the holiday. Harold's parents went to Harold's uncle and aunt's place in western Massachusetts (where lisafeld and her brother were as well), and Harold and beckyfeld had friends over in Maryland, including pocketnaomi and her family.

As for gnomi and me, we went to her parents yesterday, along with lucretia_borgia, sethg (also known as sethg_prime) and their two sons. On Wednesday night, gnomi and I made a bunch of side dishes. gnomi's mother cooked the turkey and a top rib, and lucretia_borgia made a pecan pie for dessert.

A good time was had by all.

Tonight, gnomi and I are spending shabbat with magid, consuming tasty, delicious leftovers from her meal and ours. Yum!

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