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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Novel Update

Broke 30,000 words today. I would have done that a while ago, except for going to NYC to see my Mom and rewriting two stories for Analog.

I should also note that thanks to the help of bob_greenberger, I managed to increase my page quota for both yesterday and today. A lot of people I know seem to be rather fast writers, doing anywhere from 2000 to 5000 words in a day. I'm not like that; I tend to take longer to get the words down, and the scenes knitted together the way I wanted them. So originally I was aiming for 1000 words a day, and then decided to try for 1250, which is what I've been doing. Bob pushed me to attempt 1500, and somehow I managed it. (And I think it's good stuff, too.)

Tomorrow, of course, I lose momentum due to Thanksgiving...

On the other hand, the book has a three act structure, with each act approximately a third of the story. So once I get about 35,000 words done, that should be Part One. My plan will be to rewrite it, flesh out the rest of the outline, and then start part two. I'm hoping to do this in December. We'll see what transpires.
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