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Go Crimson!

I'm not usually a big football booster, but gnomi heard on the radio something that shocked and delighted me.

Last week, Harvard beat Penn. Harvard never beats Penn, despite how well they're doing. In fact, the last time they beat Penn was 24 years ago.

Even better, Harvard has been undefeated this season. I remember the excitement my freshman year, when they were the Ivy League champions. I feel the same way today.

Tomorrow is the 121st playing of The Game, when Harvard plays against yale, and it's taking place in Cambridge. I'm hoping for a Crimson sweep.

I found a few articles of interest:

An article on Harvard beating Penn:

An article about tomorrow's Game:

A chart with Harvard's record for the season:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mabfan LiveJournal, which has nothing to do with college football -- unless Harvard wins tomorrow. :-)

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