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This Day In History, 2004

The Red Sox Win the World Series

Given the number of times the Boston Red Sox have been World Champions since then, it's sometimes hard for the current generation to believe what it was like for Red Sox fans way back in 2004. The Sox had not won a World Series since 1918, despite having made it to the Series four times before. Their most recent loss, in the seventh game of the 1986 Series, had convinced "Red Sox Nation" that a curse existed on their beloved team, keeping them from ever winning a World Series.

But 2004 was a magic year for the team. Due to the creation of the "wild card" concept just a few years before, the Sox managed to make it to the American League Championship Series, where they became the first team to come back from having lost the first three games to defeat their main rivals, the New York Yankees. And once they won those four games in a row, there was no beating them. They took the Cardinals down in four games straight, on the same night as a total lunar eclipse appeared in the skies over North America.


Keep your heads down up there, I have a feeling it's about to get really crazy up there. Stay safe.
That's great, Michael!

And yay for Boston! I'm sure there's much rejoicing!
Not to quibble, but in the spirit of SF writing workshop back in the day: The way you've written this, the Red Sox are gone, and baseball is gone. Yet there's still a current generation of fans?

I don't really think Red Sox Nation or wild card belong in quotes...people know what they mean (if they don't, they probably don't care much about this anyway). Unless you envision the wild card disappearing in the future, which is certainly possible (say, if there was some serious expansion and another division was added), it's going to remain in the (sports) vocabulary.

And the phrase " ...their main rivals, the New York Yankees." is redundant. If you need to explain that, you're going to have to explain a lot more about what this baseball stuff is in the first place. :)
I'm not sure where you get the idea that the Red Sox are gone. It clearly states that they've won many World Series Championships since 2004.

And of course the wild card is going to disappear in the future. Too many wild card teams are going on to win the Series.
I know it states that, I'm saying it give the impression of this historical retrospective..I guess it feels like you're doing unnecessary exposition, but maybe being from Boston makes me biased as to what everybody should know.

I guess what I'm saying is that this anniversary won't have any meaning for people who don't know what baseball is about, and if they do know, they'll know why it was important. I'm not saying that it doesn't merit a 'this day in history' segment--it certainly will--but it's an article for the Sports section and not Living/Arts or something, if you get what I mean.

[as a bonus quibble: I think the last sentence is saying all four games were in one night...now that'd be a record.]

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