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Mom in Hospital

I woke up this morning to a phone call that my Mom went to the hospital last night because she wasn't feeling well and that they're holding her because of low hemoglobin. It's probably nothing -- I've heard that she's feeling a lot better --but I'd appreciate any good thoughts sent in this direction (both posted and non-posted).


*hugs* *hugs* *hugs*
Refuah shaimah to her. I hope you get even better news soon.
sending both...
Oh man! Lots of hugs. Your mom is such a lovely woman, I hope she gets her strength back quickly and completely. More hugs.
May her recovery be quick and complete. *hugs*
My mother was in the hospital in May. It's a scary thing. Best wishes.
I hope she is feeling better... my thoughts are with you.....
All the best to her... and hang in there.
You have my best thoughts and prayers for her.
Both you and your mother are in my thoughts. I hope that everything goes well and that she continues to feel better.
What they all said.
All the best from all the House...
Best wishes. And lots of iron. :-)
**good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts**
May she have a speedy and complete recovery.
good thoughts are winging their way to her, and the *hugs* are for you.
*hugs* I'm sorry. I hope she feels better soon, and we'll all be thinking of her.

Keep us updated.
hugs and prayers...
All good thoughts coming your way.
Prayers for your mom.
Oy! Hope it turned out not to be serious, and she's doing better by now.
Good wishes and thoughts to you all!!

December 2016

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