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World Series Thoughts

gnomi reminded me that the Red Sox last won the ALCS in 1986.

That fall, I began my senior year in high school. I lived in Forest Hills, Queens, and my younger brother had season tickets to the Mets. Because of it, we managed to attend games one and seven of the World Series. As a major Mets fan, I desperately wanted the Mets to win, but as someone with a sense of history, I didn't want the Red Sox to have to lose for the Mets to win.

Today, I don't have that problem. The Mets were long out of it this season, so here's hoping the Red Sox win the Series, and do it well.

On a final note, it's amusing to be living here in Brookline, hometown of Theo Epstein. There's been talk of renaming something for him should the Sox win the series. In fact, I've even heard of a proposal to rename the whole town for him: Theo Epstein, Massachusetts.

And, come to think of it, I am in town government...


Good night, all.


When we last won the pennant, I was...starting first grade.

When we last won the pennant I was a bit more than 1 year old.
Ah, 1986. I had just started at BU, and was living within earshot of Fenway (mute the TV and open the window, and you could hear the crowd roar).
During Game Six of '86, I was at Milehicon in Denver. I managed to see the Incident Which Shall Not Be Named on the con suite television. I swear, several hours later, I heard a faint "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh" as if millions of voices were crying out in pain and the sound wave finally got that far west. (25 and working in LA)

I drove around Boston for a bit tonight, and the city was going wild! This is totally the place to be right now :)

Ah, 1986

I was in high school as well, a freshman, and being in NJ 45 minutes from Manhattan we were very big Mets fans.

But I'd been born in Beverly MA, and we were also huge huge huge Red Sox fans.

It was a very tense series for us. I've never met anyone else who had a similar dynamic during that series.
I was also a senior in high school and not at all interested in sports (hey, I lived in Tampa Bay, which didn't have a baseball team back then). I believe the final game of the World Series coincided with the Homecoming dance. I remember my annoyance that all the guys kept sneaking over to the kitchen staff to ask how the game was going...

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