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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

The Banana Cake Story

So...the banana cake story.

scarlettina works at MSN, and every now and then has pointed me towards many new and exciting recipes. My response is usually to see the recipe, decide I want to eat it, and then ping gnomi to tell her to make the recipe for me. (Actually, we tend to make the recipe together.)

So a few weeks back, scarlettina pointed me towards a recipe for Butterfinger Banana Cake:

I decided that this was a recipe I very much wanted. So gnomi and I went shopping for the ingredients, baked the cake, and discovered that it was a lot of cake for just two people. We managed to eat much of it, but we had leftover cake. So what should we do with the leftovers? Well, very conveniently enough, Noreascon 4 was just around the corner, and scarlettina was coming to the convention. So, on Thursday evening, when we met her in the bar for an hour of conversation, we brought with us the leftover cake in a Gladware container and gave it to her. She was amused and delighted.

The story doesn't end there, however. Last Wednesday, when I went to my local New England Comics for my weekly fix, Gwen, who works at the store, asked me about the cake. It seems that over the Worldcon weekend, she had dinner with scarlettina, kradical, and bob_greenberger, and the story came up. I told her the story as outlined above, and Gwen asked for the recipe.

We did Gwen one better.

Not only did we email the recipe to her, but on Monday night, gnomi and I baked another one of the cakes, and today I brought it to the store when I went to purchase my comic books. Gwen seems to have been delighted by the cake, and we made sure to let bukket1138 know that he was entitled to have some as well.


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