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TelePresence Almost Done...

But before it's finished:

I've got a Los Angeles teenager in the late 21st century who is fond of old fantasy and science fiction films. I need a list of five to ten films that are likely to be his favorites.

Any suggestions?

Also, to make this SFnal, anyone want to give me a title or two for a SF film from the 2020's or 2030's? :-) If I use yours, I'll Tuckerize you.


Dorato Positive is about a manufactured disease in the future that the government releases onto the poor and then sets up clean areas for the rich to wait out in. Then they discover, much to their surprise, that they need the poor to support the lifestyle they've enjoyed for so long. The wealthy start to think fondly back to when there were poor people to work the land, clean their homes and streets, work the third shift, etc. It's predictable, but the wealthy eventually pay their fortunes to those who area willing to take menial or undesirable jobs, and the workers become the valued members of society. :)

This is, of course, coming out of my own head. I have such socialist leanings!

Dorato Positive can be about whatever you want. I was originally thinking, "how would words morph in the future, when no one remembers their origins?" Naturally, this is after a nuclear explosion or something has wiped the slates of history clean and destroyed all records. And I thought, well, maybe no one would remember the legend of El Dorado, and it would be morphed into Dorato. And maybe it would become a negative thing, rather than something sought.

December 2016

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