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TelePresence Almost Done...

But before it's finished:

I've got a Los Angeles teenager in the late 21st century who is fond of old fantasy and science fiction films. I need a list of five to ten films that are likely to be his favorites.

Any suggestions?

Also, to make this SFnal, anyone want to give me a title or two for a SF film from the 2020's or 2030's? :-) If I use yours, I'll Tuckerize you.


Re: The Once and Future Films of Genre

You're right, in the sense that this is Wells in his most didactic period. A couple of issues with this assessment, however--one minor (mine), the other major (the genre's).

Personally, I thought the tin-pot dictator was charmingly tough--especially in the face of a power far stronger than he. Sort of like a second grade bully trying to talk tough to his body-building teacher.

Secondly, it is of huge historical import--even if it's difficult pill to swallow. The first generation of fandom thought of this as the real future. At the last Campbell conference an impressive cadre of SF giants all resounded to James Gunn's question of what was the first real SF movie. It was as if there was no other possible response. For them, Hollywood had been (and is) engaged in silly space entertainments while Wells showed how the future must be done. What appears to have imppressed them most was the final line which summed their feelings for the future--a line which I cannot remember off hand, of course.

So truly, the film did much to shape the things to come--even if now it appears outdated. What artifact of SF does not?

You may want to consult the July 1998 issue of F&SF for other possible people to Tuckerize. That issue is devoted mostly to this issue you're asking about.

December 2016

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