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TelePresence Almost Done...

But before it's finished:

I've got a Los Angeles teenager in the late 21st century who is fond of old fantasy and science fiction films. I need a list of five to ten films that are likely to be his favorites.

Any suggestions?

Also, to make this SFnal, anyone want to give me a title or two for a SF film from the 2020's or 2030's? :-) If I use yours, I'll Tuckerize you.


oooh. Why don't you use some of the rejected titles from you last Tuckerization post?

I don't see 12 Monkeys, 2001, Empire, or Galaxy Quest mentioned.

Hate to say it, but most filmed Sf is only starting to catch on to the stuff written in the 1960s. So a lot of my favorites are sorta-SF films like Ed Wood and Rocky Horror, Brazil and Young Frankenstein (Puttin' on the ritz!).

There'll likely be a spate of 911 films coming up in the next five years or so. I can see Hollywood making a bastard version out of "In the Shadow of No Towers", or perhaps something like "Airport: Battery Park" if they get truly tasteless.

Life in Iraq, Palestinian life, big oil, will all be big topics. As will conspiracy-theory films about what really happened in the 2000 election, ala "All the President's Men". So you'd get stuff like: "Baghdad Blowup", "The Jerusalem Express", "Black Gold in Little Tunisia", "Floridian High Court".
Although there might be films revolving around 9/11, I don't want to invoke that in this particular story. But it's an interesting exercise to come up with titles for those.
Ha ha. Most of them had "Tele" in the title, as does the story.

December 2016

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