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Tele Tele Tele...

Well, a lot of people went the "Tele" route in the last post. My feelings are as follows:

I'd rather get away from the Tele concept; that said, if I go with it, I'll most likely go with "Telepresence," as that's the closest in parallel to "TeleAbsence." To that end, I'll give a nod to magid in the story, who should email me to discuss it.

That said..."Telepresence" seems too bland to me as a title. Can anyone figure out a way to work the word into a better title? Such as "The Telepresence Affair" or something? That would help. And I'll throw a second Tuckerization into the story.

By the way, everyone will get Tuckerized eventually, so don't worry if it hasn't happened yet. :-)


"The Telepresence Bug"
"The Telepresence Glitch"
"The Case of the Telepresent Killer"

or, work alcohol into it and call it


Oy. :-)

I don't want to call it "Case of" because it's not primarily a mystery; or at least it's not supposed to be. That's simply one of the layers.

Although it occurs to me...hmm...with "The Quantum Teleporter" and this story, if I could justify one more story as a mystery I could get into MWA...
Just out of curiosity, does it help at all to cap the P?

(Er, email after Shabbat, I think.)

(Btw, if the story had been about some kind of on-line prophet, TeleVision comes to mind ;-)
I was thinking some sort of riff on "Schoolyard Bully", but I can't make my brain work well enough to think of a good way to combine that with the VR aspect. I'll let it percolate and maybe something will come through.

Perhaps "The Telepresent Bully" or something? I don't know if there's really a bullying aspect to the story (obviously) but the mention of violence in schools just makes me think along those lines. (If what I'm doing right now on so little sleep can be dignified with the term "thinking", of course.)

Ignore me, I'm rambling. Oh no! I'm turning into farwing!
What about some way to make the schoolyard into cyberspace, like "Nullyard Bully" or something of the sort?
Troubles with TelePrescience :-)

OK, OK, I'll lay off the tribble jokes...

Benevolence of TelePresence
"The Telepresence Affair" sounds like a bad Michael Crichton novel about virtual dinasours or real-life viruses on the internet or something like that. Hm.

I was thinking "TeleDefense", but to get away from that... I keep coming back to metal detectors. What would the digital analog be? (always wanted to say that.)
I think for this you have to look to the story.I keep thinking of names like "Login/Password" or "The Telepresence Seed" or "Telecide" (which I'm surprised no one's suggested) or "Murder by Bits" or even something completely random like "The Flower Painter" (not quite sure where that one came from, but it might be an Alice in Wonderland reference...and along those lines..."The Rabbit's Classroom" or "Alive in Wonderland") but all of those imply things about the story that muight not be there or make sense.

How much of the story do you have done?

Also...forgive me my ignorence, but what exactly is Tuckerization?
Story's got 20 pages done so far.

Tuckerization is named for Bob Tucker, a writer who used to name characters in his stories for people he knew. So if an author names a character for you, it's called a Tuckerization.

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