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Title Needed - Tuckerization Offered

You know, I really wasn't planning on doing it this way, but...

I'm working on a sequel to my story "TeleAbsence," about the Virtual Reality school, and I need a title. I'm racking my brains to think of one, and I can't. The plot of this new story is that Tony is now an adult in charge of the telepresence school system and is trying to convince the California public school system to adopt the program. But one of the students has learned how to hack the system in a way that allows him to kill other students -- and the entire point of telepresence school was to eliminate violence in schools. Tony must help find the killer and convince the state commission to adopt the program.

So...any ideas? The winner can get Tuckerized in the story.


Elimination Program? Or just Elimination? I haven't read the first one, but those are what comes to mind after reading the plot summary. Or perhaps I'm just channeling Stephen King. ;)
"Elimination" doesn't really fit the theme of the story, sadly, although it is an interesting title...
I'm thinking some kind of play on "Antisocial." It can refer both to the antisocial tendencies of violent students, and the socialization/isolation dynamic of a telepresence school. Or maybe some kind of play on "Student Body," if there's a murder-mystery aspect to the story.
These are both good thoughts, but neither sparks my mind to say, "Yes! That's the one!"
Possibly just TelePresence, to parallel the original title as well as being the kind of school, and the presence of the killer in a way s/he's not supposed to be able to be.
*nod* my thoughs as well.
Maybe it's just me, but I'd like the idea of retaining the "Tele-" prefix for the sequel. "TeleMalice", "TeleViolence", "TeleViolation"?
TeleVolition is how I read that last one, at first. It made me wonder ...
Academic Redshirting (okay, so no one else will think this is even half as amusing as I do, but such is my role in life)
So far I agree with TelePresence and TeleViolation as good ideas.

For other Tele stuff I submit TeleTypo and TeleHacker. The latter one's probably better, the first one just tickled my funny bone.
For a non-Tele title, if the hacker is bragging about it a lot I submit Boast in the Shell or Boast in the Machine.
Maybe some variation on "Control-Alt-Delete?" (Delete's always struck me as sinister, for some reason. "Confirm Delete y/n?" something like that.) Maybe "Abort/Retry/Fail" to go along with the school motif.
Maybe "School's Out."

Since students can now come to school remotely, or also because students are being murdered, causing the closing of the schools involved, and the cancelling of the telecommuting system.

My first thought, too, was TelePresence, but let me think about athough possibilities.

TeleViolence, which has a similar sound to television.
Say, Steve, if it sells, will you collect it in your anthology of twentieth-anniversary stories? :-)
First Choice: Telemetry
2nd choice: Biotelemtry
Definitions below.


Pronunciation: t&-'le-m&-trE
Function: noun 1 : the science or process of telemetering data 2 : data transmitted by telemetry 3 : BIOTELEMETRY
- tele·met·ric /"te-l&-'me-trik/ adjective
- tele·met·ri·cal·ly /-tri-k(&-)lE/ adverb

Pronunciation: -t&-'le-m&-trE
Function: noun
: the remote detection and measurement of a human or animal function, activity, or condition
- bio·tel·e·met·ric /-"te-l&-'me-trik/ adjective
Telementry? Or, since it's a murder mystery case, "Telementry, My Dear Watson?"


Seriously, though, I think Telepresence is the best one. It implies there's a presence in the system that there shouldn't be, as well as drawing the parallel to teleabsence.

Either way, good luck with the story! It sounds awesome, and I can't wait to read it
Not to be a downer, but wasn't there a story in a recent Analog about a virtual-reality school in which one of the students was virtually harassing the other students, and one of them almost died as a result? I'm sure yours is very different, but you may want to go back and reread that one just so you can minimize any similarities.
You're referring to "Viewschool" by Rajnar Vajra, and mine will be different.

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