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Pangaea - Halfway There!

Today, over at the Pangaea Kickstarter, Michael Jan Friedman puts the spotlight on me:

Michael A. Burstein has spent much of the last several weeks digging his family out from blizzard after blizzard in Brookline, Massachusetts. However, he promises to emerge from winter’s frigid grasp in time to make his contribution to our Pangaea anthology.

For our readers, that’s a good thing.

Michael is one of the most compelling voices in science fiction. In 1997, he won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Since then, he has earned four Nebula nominations and no less than ten Hugo nominations for his short fiction. A short film based on Michael’s story I Remember The Future recently took top honors at an independent film festival…

And although we're halfway to our goal, my two Tuckerizations are still up for grabs! If you have $100 to pledge, I will name one of my story's characters afer you (as best as I can, given that this is an alternate world and our names will not be spelled the same way).

What's Pangaea about? Here's what I said two weeks ago.


If you're willing to have a certain jacket that's caused some child contention mysteriously show up at a Royal Road residence only a few blocks from you - I think I could find it in my pockets for a cee-note or so. ;)

But now I admit to being curious. Did all of the writers sit down and hash out some of the 'shared world' concepts as a writing guide ahead of time?
Alas, the two Tuckerizations I have offered have already been snapped up.

Michael came up with the idea and sent us all a writing guide. He recruited a bunch of writers; alas, not all the writers he recruited were able to participate.

December 2016

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