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A Sample #GISHWHES Story: Ashley and the Moon

[As this story was requested by a team that then found another story from another writer, I have decided to post it here even though the hunt is still going on. This might give you an idea of what I've been writing, although I've actually been writing across all genres - romance, SF, fantasy, and horror. Story is copyright ©2014 by Michael A. Burstein. All rights reserved. And obviously, you can't use the story for the hunt, as it's now been published.]

Ashley and the Moon
by Michael A. Burstein

Ashley gazed into the eyes of Misha Collins as he held her close.

Suddenly, a flash of light from the sky caused both of them to look up. The moon had exploded! Half of it was gone!

“A random act!” shouted Misha. “I must go investigate this.”

Blowing the Whistle of Summoning, Misha called forth Queen Elizabeth II and the Elopus, along with the Misha-mobile. They jumped in and began to fly away.

“We will see you soon!” Misha called to Ashley. The queen waved. The Elopus honked.

“Darn moon,” Ashley said after Misha was gone. “You couldn’t wait five more minutes to explode?”
Tags: gishwhes, personal, science-fiction, stories

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