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My Week in Facebook, July 13-18, 2014

This was so successful last week, I've decided to do it again. So what did I do on Facebook this past week?

Well, on Sunday, we held the girls' birthday party, which Nomi has written about in The Brookline Parent. I posted some photos of Circus Dynamics, who we engaged for ballon sculptures and face painting.

On Monday, I finished reading The Patchwork Girl of Oz to the girls. I've been going through all the original Oz books with them, and we're already up to the eighth book. I think they will be sad when the first 14 are done.

On Tuesday, I promoted the Kickstarter for the game Chronosphere!

On Wednesday, I told the world that my friend Paul Kupperberg had a new comic book coming out. Of course, I didn't really have to tell the world, as the comic was Life with Archie #36, in which Archie dies. Paul posted a photo, and I shared it.

On Thursday, I linked to a Boston Globe column by Yvonne Abraham, because it reminded me of something funny that Muffin has been saying. I even told Ms. Abraham herself on Facebook, and she liked what I had to say.

As for today, well, I linked to the new The Brookline Parent column, Party in the Park. But if you read my blog, you already know about it.

And here are some links I shared throughout the week:
3 of the Most Helpful Writers You’ll Ever Meet by Jamie Todd Rubin, in which he (um) praises me;
They're Dropping Like Middle Initials, an article from the New York Times (and when I linked, I made a point of defending my use of my own middle initial);
and the new "Weird Al" Yankovic song and video, Word Crimes.

This weekend, well, tomorrow is the girls' actual birthday, so a Sunday trip to the Legoland Discovery Center may be in the works...

Hope your week went well, and that you're looking forward to the weekend.
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