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Losing a Hugo to Neil Gaiman

Losing a Hugo to Neil isn't all that bad. The consolation prize is spending three hours with him in the bar, and getting a quick mention in his blog:




All the cool kids (such as my friend coraline got to have brushes with Neil! Dangit! I am insufficently awesome!

I actually stopped by Worldcon to say hi to a few folks and have dinner with a friend from the left coast; we actually sat in the bar post-awards ceremony and tried to play spot the author. Mostly failed, though. Scurried around in search of you and Nomi but failed.

My condolences on your not receiving the Hugo. I am fresh out of alien hand puppets at this particular time, but perhaps we can meet up for Hugo Condolence Prize Pizza at some point.
We're sorry we missed you, although we did catch swashbucklr.

Pizza sounds good...mmmm...
I can think of far worse people to lose to than Neil.

Truly sorry you didn't win.

What I can't get out of my head now, though, is what a neat idea for a short story collection it could make. Instead of always the bridesmaid, "always the nominee?" What I mean to say is...I was never a soap opera watcher by any stretch, but I still can pick Susan Lucci out of a lineup thanks to her long string of nominations-without-wins. Be well enough known about "town" and the guys making the big buys will know your name (to pay you the bigger bucks for your stories) just the same. :)

Thanks for the condolences. I still had a majorly great convention, which I'll tell people about in LJ soon...
"Neil Gaiman loves the Bursteins!"

(quoting myself there *g*)
And the Bursteins love you! :-)

(I do in fact love your quote, though.)
I was sorry you didn't get it, but seeing his jaw drop was fun...

December 2016

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