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Two Reprint Announcements: Amazing and Fantastic

Today I received welcome news that two of my stories will be reprinted.

First of all, I am delighted to note that my short story "Cosmic Corkscrew," a Hugo-nominated story first published in Analog, will be reprinted in the April 2014 issue of Amazing Stories, the special 88th anniversary edition of the magazine.

Amazing Stories 88th Anniversary Cover

Although I have appeared on the Amazing Stories blog, this will be my first piece of fiction to appear in the magazine. I am delighted that editor Steve Davidson chose my story as one of those to be reprinted in the magazine.

The story has a nice connection to Amazing Stories, by the way. It is about a time traveler who visits Isaac Asimov as Asimov is working on his very first piece of fiction. Although that story of Asimov's was never published, his first published story, "Marooned Off Vesta," appeared in the March 1939 issue of Amazing Stories, seventy-five years ago this month.

Secondly, my story "The Cold Calculations," a riff on "The Cold Equations" that appeared in the Spring 2001 issue of Absolute Magnitude, will be reprinted in one of the new Fantastic Stories anthologies that are being published in conjunction with the launch of Fantastic Stories webzine. While I don't have a picture of the cover, going to the link will take you to a previous Fantastic anthology and eventually to the book my story will be in. My thanks to editor Warren Lapine for his interest in reprinting this story.

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