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Boston City Council Race Endorsements

Last Sunday, my synagogue, Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe, held a special candidates night at which we heard from one Boston mayoral candidate and several of the at-large Boston City Council candidates.

As a resident of Brookline, I don't vote in Boston, and I haven't been following the races very closely. However, I attended the event because of my interest in politics and because I wanted a chance to meet and evaluate the candidates. What I discovered to my delight was a series of high quality candidates who were all eager to see Boston thrive. It makes me very hopeful for the large city that surrounds my town on three sides.

I haven't asked any of the candidates if they want my endorsement, and to be honest, I suspect the endorsement of an elected Library Trustee and Town Meeting Member in Brookline won't carry a lot of weight. However, if you are voting in the Boston municipal election next Tuesday and you're interested in my opinion, here are the four candidates I would be voting for were I a Boston voter, plus some personal reasons why. In alphabetical order by last name:

Anissa Essaibi-George impressed me with her background and experience, and I'd suggest you take a look at her biography. Among other things, she's a small business owner, as she runs the yarn and fabric store Stitch House in Dorchester. As my friends know, my wife Nomi is an avid knitter who also enjoys sewing, and what with the closing of too many fabric shops in Boston recently, we can attest to how hard it is to keep such a small, local business going. I suspect Essaibi-George's experience would be very valuable on the City Council.

Ayanna Pressley is an incumbent, and already well-known in Boston. She's friends with one of my former colleagues on the Brookline Board of Library Trustees. Pressley's work on behalf of the people of Boston is impressive, and I understand that she might look into whether or not Boston can follow Brookline's lead and open some of their branch libraries on Sundays during the summer.

Jeff Ross impressed me as he was the one candidate who made an appearance at our synagogue the day before the event, in order to better get to know the residents of Brighton. As an attorney he has represented people who were at risk. Quoting directly from his website, he has "helped survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking victims, and immigrant families from war-torn countries find access to housing, health care and mental health services." Also, he has been endorsed by a lot of Democratic Ward Committees and by State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez, who not only represents parts of Boston but also part of Brookline as well.

Michele Wu is only 28 years old, but her platform bespeaks a wisdom greater than her years. I would encourage you to go look at it, especially her Pipelines to Opportunity. She's particularly interested in how Boston can apply technology to solve its problems, something I've advocated a lot myself during my own political career.

So there you have it. In my capacity as an elected official in the Town of Brookline, I endorse Anissa Essaibi-George, Ayanna Pressley, Jeff Ross, and Michele Wu for election to the Boston City Council as the at-large members.
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