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Cool Globes Boston 2013 - Copley Square

On the morning of August 13, 2013, as I was walking through Copley Square to work, I discovered the "Cool Globes" art installation. There were six globes present; more globes can be found in other places in Boston. I photographed the globes, and took some closer pictures of the "Brighter Future" globe because of all the book covers.

Cool Globes

Placard: Boston Strong

 Boston Strong Cool Globe

Placard: Inside Earth

Inside Earth Cool Globe

Placard: Conserve Water

Conserve Water Cool Globe

Placard: Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy Cool Globe

Placard: Lighting of the Future

Lighting of the Future Cool Globe

Lighting of the Future Closeup

Placard: Brighter Future

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe

Brighter Future Cool Globe Closeup

Brighter Future Cool Globe Closeup



Are kids allowed to sit inside the green-outside-pink-inside one? If so, I'm tempted to bring Rose down there for a photoshoot...

We have a lot of those books! (We even have five copies of one of them.)
There are signs at the bases asking people not to touch the sculptures, so my guess is no...
The sign for "Inside Earth" (which you reproduced in this photo) expliclty invites people to climb inside. Also, the leaflet that I picked up at yesterday morning's opening ceremony (on Boston Common) has a photo of someone sitting on the "shelf" of "Inside Earth".

By the way, there are 26 other globes on the Tremont Street edge of Boston Common, five next to the playground at the back of the Hatch Shell Oval on the Esplanade, three on the plaza outside the John Hancock Tower, two inside the Hancock Tower lobby, one outside the Aquarium, and one outside the Museum of Science. The leaflet also says some are at the State House and at Logan Airport, but I haven't visited those locations.

Edited at 2013-08-16 05:19 pm (UTC)
Yep. Apparently, only some of them have the signs asking people not to touch them. One of them even is meant for people to write on.

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