mabfan (Michael A. Burstein) (mabfan) wrote,
mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Brookline Patch Column: Fifty First Drafts

Nomi and I hope that everyone has been enjoying our The Brookline Parent column that we've been writing for Brookline Patch. Believe it or not, this morning Brookline Patch has published our fiftieth installment of the column.

In honor of the anniversary, we decided to take a look back and see just what it is we've been talking about for the past two years. We also delve into the reasons a column about one family raising their kids in one Massachusetts town is actually relevant in today's world.

Go read Fifty First Drafts to learn about obsessions, and to see a picture of Muffin and Squeaker holding up the number 50.

Tags: brookline, family, patch

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