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Brookline Patch Column: Up in the Sky! Superheroes!

As folks know, I'm a big fan of comic books and superheroes (two separate things: one is a medium for storytelling, and the other is a genre). It's a fandom I'm hoping to pass along to Muffin and Squeaker, although I've not always been sure of the best way to do it.

Recently, our friend Shanna asked gnomi and me how we go about explaining the "bad guys" to Muffin and Squeaker when we talk about superheroes, and this prompted me to craft my current The Brookline Parent column on the topic of superheroes in general.

So in today's The Brookline Parent column for Brookline Patch, I talk a little bit about how my own love of superheroes developed and how I'm hoping to inculcate the same in the kids.

Go read Up in the Sky! Superheroes! If nothing else, you'll see a picture of Muffin holding her favorite book and in her superhero disguise.



Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Possibly very soon. They were playing with a cape yesterday, and I didn't like the way it tied around the neck...
I also have been concerned about how dark comics have gotten. (Sadly I've pretty much given them up for that reason.) But we have some Spider-Man kids' books that H likes (he doesn't care as much for the McLeod ABC), and I figure when he's ready we have lots of Golden Age/Silver Age stuff around that'll be safe for him to read.
If you want to be shocked, consider that Batya's niece - raised in a TV-free home by a fairly black hat family - doesn't know who Superman is.
If you want to avoid pop culture, or your kids being exposed to pop culture, it's not that hard to do.
Sounds like you've got them off to a great start. The old Spiderman cartoon was my favorite when I was a kid. So much so that I was seriously excited to see they were going to use The Lizard in the new movie. I hope they'll do Electro next. :)

If you are looking for suitable introductory superhero toys, try the Playskool Marvel line (http://tinyurl.com/8xl92d5).
Thank you for the link!

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