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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

George Flynn, RIP


"The Noreascon 4 committee is saddened to hear of the passing of George Flynn, F.N., yesterday morning, August 29, 2004. George was a mainstay of Boston-area fandom for many years, serving as the Secretary of Noreascon 2 and the WSFS Division Head for Noreascon 3. Noreascon 4 Chair Deb Geisler writes, 'George Flynn was a gentlefan, a kindly man, a scathing wit, and a treasure deeply prized by Boston fandom. When he spoke with us several weeks ago, telling us he would not be able to attend N4, we were grieved.'"

My thoughts:

This is very sad news. It seems very unfair for George to die just before Worldcon.

My favorite memory of George was when we were discussing a certain Heinlein novel, I think one of the juveniles. I mentioned casually that although it was a juvenile, I hadn't read it until I was in my 20s, after my teens. George replied that he hadn't read it until after his teens either, because it hadn't been written yet.

He will be missed.

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