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A Quick Thought

It's odd how much online discussion in my life has moved to a different platform...


FB, or elsewhere?

I find FB pretty problematic; I honestly would like to see the posts of everyone I've got on my list, but it makes choices that seem to have more to do with rewarding frequent posters than what my actual preferences might be. It's great for invitations and group discussions, though.

I still like here best, but it's just quieter and quieter. There is kind of odd, because it's a fairly substantial cross section of everyone I know from all aspects of my life, whereas here is definitely a particular affinity group.

Edited at 2012-07-23 11:29 pm (UTC)
Primarily FB. I still prefer this space for longer posts, but my general day to day status discussions end up there.
I'm trying my best to keep LJ noisy, at least over in davis_square.
They reward engagement. If the readers like, or comment, it's more likely to get bumped out to more people. If you're frequently liked / commented on, you will also get more visibility on other updates.
That's fine for those who type out responses 20 times a day on their smartphones, but I really want to hear from those friends who post only occasionally, and when I post, I'd like to think my friends will see it, but I know it'll be a random sampling.

And, to be honest, many of my friends who are being rewarded for engagement, are saying every single thing that comes to their minds, and I find myself skimming past their posts, even when I'm very fond of them.
Actually, it's the original poster that's rewarded for engagement. The person responding 20 times a day doesn't get much, unless *their* comment is liked.

It's the original poster that gets bumped up, because the more people that like it or the more that comment on it, the more likely it is interesting to even more people.

If you do want to see those other posts, you can use friend lists.. but it's not perfect.

I like LJ for that fact- i see everything, in theory.
I actually meant my friends who feel the need to share their every thought, 20 times a day, not really the responders.

I have something important (to me) to post today, and I posted to LJ this morning, because I know people will see it here, but I'm waiting for early afternoon to post it to FB, just so it doesn't get lost in all the noise. Because yes, I've noticed that if one of my posts gets a certain number of likes, then everyone seems to see it, and if it doesn't, it drops off the radar pretty quickly.
The facebookrefuseniks miss you

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