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Lunch in NYC 6/1 - Tomorrow!

I'm going to New York City tomorrow for my high school reunion, and I'm planning to meet friends for lunch in midtown Manhattan. My train arrives on Friday a little before 1 pm at Penn Station, so I'm looking at a late-ish lunch. Anyone interested in joining me, please let me know. (Also, I still haven't picked a restaurant yet; any recommendations for a good kosher place close to Penn Station?)
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Well, i'm one block from penn, at 35th/ 7th.

there's pretty much anything you want: good kosher pizza being one of them. (Bravo)

KD, Mr. Broadway, pitopia, schnitzel express, bravo pizza, Abagail's, plus others..
Oh, keep me in the loop on meeting. I can do after 1pm :)
It looks like we're meeting at Olympic Pita (58 West 38th St) at 1 pm. My train gets into Penn at 12:45 so the timing should work out. So far, there will be about eight of us there...

Give me a ring, and we'll walk over together...
Alas! I have to be a the doctor on the UWS at 1:30 :(
I might have some more time after lunch. I have to get my bag and myself to the friend I'm staying with on the UES.
As it so happens, after lunch I'll have more time. I might want to get my bag to my friend's place first, but I'd be able to hang out in the afternoon. Bookstore? (And has your cell number changed at all in the last five years?)
Sorry, will be making a shiva call (Doug Heller's family). Enjoy NYC!
Hello! This is Christine Quinones (Ric's sister). Fancy meeting you here!

How do you know Michael? We go back to high school, as a matter of fact (I graduated a year earlier).
Hi, Christine. Michael knows several puzzle people. I think the main connection is that he used to work with Katherine Bryant.
I also went to college with Katherine; she was the year behind me.

Sorry I won't get to see you! Will you be at the Times, though? I might be meeting a friend there in the afternoon.
If only I worked near Penn Station on Fridays rather than Thursdays! I'm at my Brooklyn job tomorrow. Enjoy the reunion!

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