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Brookline Patch Column: Occupy Playdates

One of the hardest things about having two toddlers in the house is that they don't always occupy themselves with activities. Sometimes you have to find things for them to do.

Thank goodness, then, for the concept of a playdate, in which parents of different children can bring them together in hopes that the children will play with each other, learn, and leave us alone. :-)

My The Brookline Parent column for Brookline Patch today, Occupy Playdates, is all about the playdate phenomenon as it applies to Muffin and Squeaker. And it gets philosophical at times. Go read it, and you'll find out:

* How being a middle child led Michael to make a certain decision about his own family;
* How not having a car influences the playdate decision;
* Which YA fantasy writer lives in Brookline, has three children, and is happy to have her kids play with Muffin and Squeaker;
* Which playgroup Muffin and Squeaker rate four thumbs up;
* And why it is that even at this age Muffin and Squeaker may already be spoken for.

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