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Brookline Patch Column: It Was, In Fact, Just About Enough For Us

Last year, for our The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch around this time, gnomi discussed Passover. In particular, in her column Four Answers for Two Toddlers, she discussed how we made Passover special for Muffin and Squeaker given that their bedtime was well before the seders began.

Well, this year, the girls are one year older, and this time, we decided that they could deal with the later bedtime that comes with attending seder. For a special treat as we end the chol ha'moed, or intermediate days, of Passover, Brookline Patch is publishing Nomi's column one day early. It Was, In Fact, Just About Enough For Us describes how the girls responded to family seder two nights in a row. Hint: Dayenu is the new Ma Nishtana. (As Tom Lehrer might say, the rest of you can look up when you get home.)

Click on the link, to see a cute picture of the girls eating homemade cookie bars if nothing else. (Click on the picture itself to see the amusing caption...)
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