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Brookline Patch Column: Snakes in a Crib

Squeaker has recently started to tell us that there are snakes in her crib when she wants to be taken out. Her imagination reminded me of my own at her age, as I too remember being afraid of things that weren't really there.

Unfortunately, as the parent now and not the child, I find that there are some real fears out there, not as benign as imaginary snakes in a crib.

In my The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch this week, I discuss some of these things that happened last week and last month, and how they've affected me.

If that's too heavy for you, there's a cute picture of Squeaker and Muffin with a funny caption.

So, go read Snakes in a Crib for the picture and the great quote from osewalrus, if nothing else.


So I assume you have had it with those milchig-fleischig snakes in that milchig-fleischig crib?

Alternately, you have twins. So I wouldn't worry until you wake up to find one of the twins with a dead snake firmly grasped in his tiny hand. After which we need to prep for...The Twelve Labors of Squeaker or Muffin!!
On Twitter, Brookline Patch decided that I'm Brookline's answer to Samuel L. Jackson. :-)

It's true that we're not cutting the girls' hair...maybe they are Shimshonettes, as opposed to Heraklesettes?
10,000 points for using the Greek name! It always bugs me when he's surrounded by other Greek figures but has the Roman name.
Thank you. I try. :-) But you're right. Why do we get stories of Zeus and Hercules all the time? It should be Zeus and Herakles, or Jupiter and Hercules.
I also have been feeling more worried lately, though it's hard to know which threats are real issues of concern. We just have to hope and pray that our kids won't fall victim.
In the end, all we can do is protect them the best we can.

December 2016

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