mabfan (Michael A. Burstein) (mabfan) wrote,
mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Telephone service, again

For those of you who still care...

I got home yesterday to discover that our voice line was out again. Then, a few minutes later, I tried again, to discover that our voice line was operational.

Feeling good about this, I went to logon over our modem line...and discovered that it was still out.


After gnomi came home, and the 6 PM deadline which Verizon themselves had given us had passed, I called Verizon. Apparently the repair work is more extensive than they realized, and they pushed the new expected completion time to Thursday 6 PM from Tuesday 6 PM. Again, of course, without notifying their customers. What this means is that our voice line could still go back out at any time, and we had to use it to download our email last night and this morning.

In other amusing tidbits:

-- My Mom had left us a message at 11 AM yesterday, saying she was checking to see if our phone service had been restored. When I called her to tell her we got the message, she denied calling on Tuesday at all. Turns out she used a cell phone to call on Monday, and recorded a message which was held in a queue until it could get through to our line. But Mom didn't realize that at first, leading to an amusing conversation.

-- Last night, we got a telemarketing call from Verizon wanting us to go with Verizon DSL. Nomi had some harsh words to share with the telemarketer about how upset we are with Verizon right now. You'd think they'd make sure they're not calling anyone who's having problems with their service...†

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