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Burstein for Congress Platform

For those of you who keep up with my life via this blog and not through any other source, you may not have heard yet that I have formed an exploratory committee to look into running for Congress from the Massachusetts Fourth District. As this LiveJournal tends to be more about me and my writing, I haven't really thought of it as a place to discuss this particular campaign. (Although yes, I have discussed many of my local races here from time to time.)

However, I wanted to let everyone know that my exploratory committee has posted a platform on our website. As we work to collect signatures to get my name onto the Democratic ballot, I thought it was only right to let people know what I hope to accomplish if elected to congress. So visit the Michael on the Issues page and see where I stand on the issues of jobs, education, health care, marriage rights, women's rights, copyright and the Internet, and space exploration.


I'm in the Fifth District - but I'd be tempted to move so that I could vote for you.
If you have any free time and want to help me collect signatures in Brookline or anywhere else, let me know.
We're in the 7th, but I'm willing to help. We could use more sanity. Need any computer support? :)
Send me an email, and I'll connect you to my computer guy.
I'm a few thousand miles away from your district, but my best wishes to you, fellow Democrat!
I'm with you on all these issues. The question is how you would stand out from a pack that most likely will share your views on most of these items. Space travel is likely to set you apart, but I doubt it would be a major element in your platform.

I guess, of course, this is why you are exploring whether to run. I am sure you would make a good congressman. But you know better than I do the ins and outs of running for office in the first place.

Also, it's refreshing to read a platform that doesn't begin and end with Israel. As important as it is to you and I, I am always put off by everyone running for any elected office in NYC tripping over themselves to be more pro-Israel than Ben Gurion. (And I am still really annoyed that I have a Republican congressman now because he was seen as more pro-Israel than the religious Jew!)
Israel is important to me, as you know, but I didn't feel it needed to be a part of my platform. And I do feel very strongly about a vibrant space program.

Having worked on a Congressional campaign and seen the the insane hours the candidate had to put in (and he still lost), I admire your willingness to run.

I disagree with much of your platform, but since your district is very unlikely to elect a Republican, I have no problem in personally rooting for you to win.
Thank you! And I hope I'll have your vote for SFWA Secretary. :-)
Of course.
You lack a tax platform and an infrastructure platform. The former is essential, especially in this age of class warfare with the tax code used as a proxy; the latter is unsexy in terms of politics but shows you're serious about some of the nitty-gritty, and that can help when it comes to getting the attention of the state Democratic Party.

My time is limited, but I am willing to help when able. My time is a bit less limited when it comes to items that can be done over the net, such as proofreading and copyediting. This political scientist stands at your disposal.

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