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Brookline Patch Column: Bad Parenting

For some time now, I've been a little bit worried about a few of the decisions Nomi and I make when it comes to raising Muffin and Squeaker. For example, given their age they can be very stubborn at times and throw tantrums if they don't get their way. This can lead to us "giving in" when it just seems easier and minor. If Squeaker wants to sit on my lap during dinner, is that a battle I really need to fight? It's far more important to make sure that the kids brush their teeth before going to bed, isn't it? Shouldn't I focus my energy there, rather than on requiring them to wear pajamas in bed instead of the day's clothing if they really want to?

In our latest The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I explore a few of the decisions we've made (or are in the process of making), and ask if our Bad Parenting really is so bad.

If you go read the column, you'll find out at least one secret that's liable to get us in trouble in the future.

Or you could click the link to Bad Parenting to see a picture of Muffin and Squeaker on my iPad...and eating cookies for dinner.


Great column! And I suspect that you and gnomi re far from the only parents who make choices like this. I don't think it's bad parenting. I think it's realistic parenting, and I think that's far more valuable in the end.
Thanks! And "Realistic Parenting" would make a good title for a future column....
If you're a bad parent, I'm a *terrible* parent.
There does seem to be a trend toward formal schooling younger and younger, but on the other hand I keep seeing articles about the importance of free play time...

December 2016

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