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The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary by Ken Liu

Over on his blog, Jamie Todd Rubin noted that he had read a novella yesterday that he subsequently added to his Nebula ballot. He said, "I'd easily put it in the top ten novellas that I ever read."

That novella: "The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary" by Ken Liu.

Since I take Jamie's recommendations strongly, I followed his link to Ken Liu's stories and read the story. Jamie had said nothing more about the story, and so I went in with no expectations save the one that this was going to be a good story.

I'm with Jamie. It's one of the most powerful stories I've ever read. I don't think it would give too much away to say that as I read it, I found myself comparing it to my own "Kaddish for the Last Survivor" and feeling that it was so much better. If "Kaddish" was a story of mine you found of interest because of its themes and overall subject matter, you should read Liu's story.


I'm glad you found the story wonderful, and I'm also glad you took my recommendation.
I will defintely read this. I know I've read one story of his that I quite liked, and yours is a strong recommendation coming from someone whose opinion I trust. Thanks!
There's a lot out there that I do like, but I don't always recommend. In this case, I highly recommend the story because it touches on so many of the themes I myself explore in my own work. And it does it better.
Ken sits about twenty feet away from me at work. Small world!
Really? Walk over and tell him I say hello. :-)
Are you still at the same place in Cambridge?
Yeah, although the company is moving downtown later this year. (Yay shorter commute, probably.)

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