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Searching for an Umbrella

The rain yesterday and this morning reminds me that I've been meaning to ask folks if anyone could recommend a good umbrella.

For many years, I've mostly bought relatively inexpensive umbrellas when I need a new one. What I've found, though, is that they tend to be of low quality, usually not lasting very long. A few months ago, I bought a brand-new umbrella at a local drug store to use that week; the very day I opened it, the umbrella fell apart, and I returned it for a refund.

I've been using the same umbrella for years, but one of the spokes is no longer connected to the material, and it's beginning to stick as I open it. I'd really like to get it replaced, and as soon as possible.

Ideally, I'd want an umbrella that can fold up relatively small so I can tuck it under my arm or carry it in a bag when it's dry. Also, it would be nice for it to come with a bag for storing when it is wet and I want to toss it into a bag. But what's more important to me is that it opens up easily, opens up large, and will last. Also, if I can order it on-line, that would be a help; when I went scouring local stores for umbrellas, the selection was sparse.

If anyone has an umbrella to recommend, I'd appreciate it.


What about repairing the umbrella? If it's lasted this long, your present woes are probably something that could easily be fixed with a little 5 minute epoxy and a bit of WD-40. Indeed, done smartly, your trusty brolly could end up in better shape than when you first bought it.
To be honest, though, it's not my favorite umbrella. I've been using it only because I don't have another option. I'd prefer a bigger umbrella of a different color.
After many years of buying cheap drugstore umbrellas and having their spokes break in the first storm, I bought a somewhat more expensive umbrella (between $15 and $20, I think) from Target some years ago and haven't needed to replace it yet. I think the trick is that it's one of those two-tier things with a top layer that flaps in the wind so the whole thing doesn't blow inside out.
Do you know who manufactures it?
Unfortunately, no. And it's not really what you want: it doesn't fold or come with a bag. I've never heard of an umbrella that both folds and stands up to a stiff wind.
I've had a two-person umbrella from Travelsmith that collapses to a fairly small size. After having had several invert in the wind, I bought it largely because it was wind-resistant. I've had it...perhaps 15 years now? Wow. Don't know if they still make it - but you might try looking at travel providers.
This is the one umbrella I found at the Travelsmith site:

It is a different model than mine, but the venting tech looks about the same. It's a shame there are no reviews.
On the other hand, my brother has recommended this store to me:

Oooh, cool!

The model I got years ago was pretty similar to this one:
If you're ever trying to keep someone else dry at the same time as yourself, it's pretty convenient to have one that large...with the auto up and close...

I really recommend the wind venting...
I also was directed to the Totes site from a friend on Facebook:


They've got some good ones there too.

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