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Radio Appearance and Request

First of all, I just emailed the following note to the mabfan list:

I will be appearing on the radio program Commonwealth Journal on Sunday, August 22, at 7:30 AM and 7 PM. The program will air on WUMB radio, 91.9 FM in the Boston area. You can also hear the program on http://www.wumb.org. The segment, "A World of Science Fiction," is about the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention in Boston. They interviewed Con Chair Deb Geisler and me. Deb does most of the talking, about the convention, but I get in a few comments about the genesis of fandom.

And the whole interview (if you want to hear more than the sections they selected) will apparently be available after the broadcast on their webpage.

Now for the request: since I'm trying a new method of sending email to the mabfan list, if you got the email and you see this post, could you reply here just to let me know? I'm trying to make sure my new method of emailing the members of the list works.


I received it and it seems to have worked exactly the way it should have.

Works for me!
I got it. It did go to the junk mail folder first, though. I've safelisted it now.
Yeah, this may end up going into a lot of people's junk mail folders. I'm going to have to just hope people find it.
Yup! May not be able to listen to it, though; do you know if anyone will be taping it?
I don't know if anyone will be taping it, but the excerpts should be available on the web for the week following the show. And I think they sell tapes, although I doubt anyone will want to buy one.

Did you get this over the mabfan list? I have a feeling theworld.com is blocking mail sent from mabfan.com, as that's where I sent it from...
I think I did, but I can't say for sure... I have a vague memory of having seen it, but deleting it b/c I already knew about it.
recieved and acknowladged, Mr. Mabfan
safe and sound in my inbox! :) didn't see it till today 'cuz i was out of town all weekend.


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