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Miriam Burstein (February 3, 1926 - December 4, 2011)

My aunt Miriam Burstein, who was born on February 3, 1926, died tonight (December 4) around 10 pm. Miriam was a member of the Hunter College High School Class of 1941 and taught at Hunter from 1946 until 1981. I've posted on the Hunter groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I'll have more information tomorrow.

Miriam was in hospice care for the last six months of her life, and many of her former students got in touch to let her know how much she had meant to them. I'm very grateful she had a chance to hear all that before she passed on.


I'm sorry for your loss, but grateful for the way she left.
My condolences to you and your family. I am glad she got to know how beloved she was by her students.
I'm sorry for your loss. From her students' reaction, she sounds like quite a lady.
My condolences to you and the family, Michael. May her memory be a blessing. Sounds like it already is.
Baruch Dayan Emet.

I am so sorry for your loss. May you and yours be comforted.
Baruch Dayan Emet, I am sorry for your loss.
My thoughts go out to you and your family.
Baruch Dayan Emmet. I am very sorry for you and the rest of the family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
I'm so sorry. Funerals of teachers are often very moving and very well attended because of the impact they have had on young people over the years. I hope that gives your family some comfort.
Baruch dayan emet. I am sorry for your loss.
She was chair of the English department my first year. I didn't really know her but I remember seeing her around the school.

My condolences for your loss.
My condolences.

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I'm sorry for your loss.
Our sympathies on your loss.
*sympathy* and an offer of housing in NY if you want it. We're in KGH rather than FH now... call G's cell if you want (still the same number).

[sorry, LJ put this as a comment to a comment]
I thought of you guys, but this is a very different trip. I'm hitching a lift with my older brother and his family for the day. We're going to the funeral, and then returning right after.

But I appreciate the offer, and all you've done and continue to do for us.
Sorry to hear, but I'm glad she got the chance to know how much her students appreciated her.
very sorry for your loss. eonia i mnimi.

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