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Two Local Political Notes: Robocalls and Summer Hours

Yesterday evening, I had two political meetings to attend that might be of interest to you, especially if you live in Brookline.

The first meeting I had was with the Personnel Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee to consider Article 18. This is my new warrant article concerning political robocalls. This new version doesn't call for banning or regulation of such robocalls, but instead asks political candidates and campaigns to be "judicious and sparing" in the use of such calls. The subcommittee in general was well-disposed to my warrant article. Their main concern was the provision that the Town send notice of the resolution, if adopted, to political campaigns. Still, we worked out some better language, and I suspect that some motion under this article will be presented favorably to Town Meeting.

The other meeting I had was my monthly Library Trustees meeting. As usual, we had many issues to deal with during the meeting, but I wanted to note one vote we took that I feel has significance. At this meeting, we had to vote on the budget that we are requesting from the town for the next fiscal year, and so we had to consider whether or not to request the additional funding we would need to open the Coolidge branch of the library every Sunday next summer. I am pleased to report that the Trustees unanimously voted to request the funding. Now this doesn't mean that the town will agree to give us the funding, nor does it mean that that Trustees will necessarily vote to open the Coolidge branch on all summer Sundays when we vote on the summer schedule in 2012. But without this vote, we wouldn't even have the option at all. We'll see where we go from here.
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