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Brookline Patch Column: Muffin and Squeaker, Meet Apples and Honey

This week's The Brookline Parent column for Brookline Patch is a special one.

For one thing, it's running today, Wednesday, instead of in its usual Friday slot. That's because Rosh Hashanah is Thursday and Friday of this week, and Nomi decided to write about how we're planning to incorporate the fall Jewish holidays into the kids' lives this year. The Brookline Patch editor graciously agreed to run the column two days early, so everyone who will be observing the holiday would have a chance to read it before the holiday begins.

For those of you who aren't observing the holiday and/or who feel discombobulated by the early publication, I do have a solution. Click on the link below on Friday morning to keep your week feeling normal. :-)

For the rest of you, read Muffin and Squeaker, meet Apples and Honey today, and for all who celebrate it, Shana Tova!
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