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Buying Action Comics #1

I couldn't believe it. Today, I walked into my local comic book shop, and for the first time in my life, I was able to buy Action Comics #1. This wasn't one of the special reprint facsimile editions, but a real honest-to-goodness copy of Action Comics #1. Look below!

Buying Action Comics #1! Buying Action Comics #1! Michael A. Burstein purchases a copy of Action Comics #1 from Benn Robbins at the Brookline New England Comics. (Photo copyright © 2011 by R. Benton. All rights reserved.)

And can you believe it only cost me $3.99? The last time a copy of Action Comics #1 went up for auction, in February of last year, it sold for one million dollars. How did I manage to buy such a valuable comic so cheaply?

Well, for anyone following comic book news, the answer is obvious:

Buying the Real Action Comics #1 Buying the Real Action Comics #1 Michael A. Burstein buys the brand-new Action Comics #1, which does not cost nearly as much as the original version from 1938, from Benn Robbins at the Brookline New England Comics. (Photo copyright © 2011 by R. Benton. All rights reserved.)

Today DC Comics released Action Comics volume 2 #1, and that was the comic I bought. It's not worth one million dollars at the moment, but just in case it becomes just as valuable as the Action Comics #1 that was published in 1938, I bought two copies. (Don't tell gnomi, though.)


Awesome, Michael! :-)

I was delighted that Benn was willing to go along with the gag.
Thanks for reminding me. I was going to download the issue as soon as it becomes available in the iPad app.
You'll have to wait until 2 pm EDT. I've already read mine. Ha! :-)
Turns out this a good thing since I'm spending my afternoon WRITING. Ha! ;-)
Well, neener neener, so ha! :-)
Sure, you can read it on your iPad, but you won't get a cool photograph of the download process. Print media FTW!
Aha! Another reason the print comic is best! Thanks, LJ user equals 530nm330hz!
Ah, but you'd have to use Photoshop to get the gag photo I got!
Benn was really getting into the gag...for which I am grateful.
I can see this leading to disappointed customers on EBay who are not quite current with the news and bid on "Action Comics #1"...
Gack! I would hope that EBay and other places like that would clamp down on anyone misrepresenting their Action Comics (vol 2) #1 for sale...
They really should have given Action Comics #1.2 a cover that paid tribute to the original.
The previously announced cover seemed closer than the one they finally went with. I suspect they were looking for a cover that would evoke the same sense the original one did in 1938, i.e., with people asking if that guy was really doing what it looks like he's doing.
Alas, there was no Zatara or Tex Thompson story, as in the first Action Comics #1.
Yeah, there should have been!

I picked up Action Comics, too. My first. I enjoyed it!

Though I have a strong suspicion when they approach publishing issue #1000, DC Comics might have a change of heart.
I hope you're right. Marvel recently ended Fantastic Four with #587, but it was evident to many of us that after publishing 12 issues of the new FF series they would release Fantastic Four #600. The question is, will DC count the zero issue and the million issue in their count or not?

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