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Brookline Patch Column: We Took a Train, Took a Train, to Another State

In her post There and Back Again, gnomi mentioned that last weekend we headed down to Washington, DC for the Bar Mitzvah of osewalrus and beckyfeld's son. I was a bit apprehensive about heading down to DC with Muffin and Squeaker, as this was their very first long trip away from home. I wasn't sure how they would react to the long train ride, or sleeping in a strange room, or all the other things that could discombobulate them.

How did it go? Well, my The Brookline Parent column for Brookline Patch this week, We Took a Train, Took a Train, to Another State, is all about how it went.

I do want to note one thing here that I didn't mention in the column. Although our train back home got delayed for almost two hours in a tunnel outside Baltimore, Amtrak did a great job of dealing with it. The train crew was extremely professional as they kept us fully updated on the situation at all times, and they were very apologetic even though it was all the fault of the flooding due to the rain.

Anyway, go read We Took a Train, Took a Train, to Another State to see what it was like to travel with Muffin and Squeaker, and to discover why the real problem wasn't with them, but with me. :-)


Holy cow. There's teenage Feld? I *must* be getting old.
"and as of this writing Muffin and Squeaker are back on track"

What? You guys are taking another train trip?
You were so deeply asleep that they couldn't wake you? Wow. I hope that wasn't scary for N.

December 2016

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