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Malibu Moves to Boston One Day Late

At the start of a very, very busy long weekend for us, Nomi and I got a special treat.

Nomi Burstein, Bob Greenberger, Michael A. Burstein Nomi Burstein, Bob Greenberger, Michael A. Burstein
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Our good friend Bob Greenberger happened to be in town today, so Nomi and I arranged the time out of our work schedules to meet him for lunch at the Milk Street Café.

I've talked about Bob quite a bit on this blog before; he's a writer and editor who used to work for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and he's working on becoming a teacher. (He edited some of my favorite comics when I was a kid, long before I knew him.) He's also a local politician in his own town, so he and I sometimes compare notes on Town Meeting issues. Bob and I even collaborated on a story together once, "Things That Aren't," which appeared in Analog back in April 2007.

We literally have not seen Bob in person for a few years, as he lives in Connecticut. Often we would see him at the Malibu Diner in New York City when a group of editor types meet for lunch on a Wednesday (hence the title of this post), but we haven't been there for a while. We also haven't been to any conventions recently, which would have been another chance to spend time with him.

Today's lunch wasn't earth-shattering or anything like that; it was just a few good friends having a chance to catch up in person, as opposed to over the Internet. It was a chance to laugh, and smile, talk about our kids (I can say that now; last time I saw Bob I wasn't yet a father), and just reconnect.

Thanks, Bob.
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