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Hijacking kradical's LJ

kradical made this entry: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kradical/24286.html commenting on a group of Christian fundamentalists who are hoping to all move to one state and maybe secede from the union.

Somehow, one comment I made led to a whole discussion on the laws of kashruth and my own thoughts on gay marriage.

So if anyone wants to read the discussion, you know where to go...


That was a cool discussion. Thank you for the link. :-)
The discussion continues...you might want to keep checking back.
I will, thank you, but I'll save it for my breaks. I'm supposed to be working here... and I am, of course. *looks innocent and busy*
All I have to say is, well, you rock. As usual.

I was in a blog-comment-thread discussion on same-sex marriage a while back, and got to point out the guy who was, er, inconsistent on Levitical prohibitions.

Not that it actually convinced him, of course, or anyone else involved I suspect....
Actually, stakebait has pointed out in that thread that Christianity does have as one of its tenets the idea that many of the Jewish laws were repealed. However, I have never heard of a fundamentalist who uses that argument. Usually they get stuck and try to rationalize in other ways.

By the way, how do I know you again? gnomi has tried to remind me...
This guy did pull that argument out after I asked him where the anti-lobster-roll amendment was, and backpedaled...then claimed that I Cor 14:34-35 didn't really mean what it said either. At that point I gave up, the discussion wasn't worth the time or RSI worries.

Most recently, you'd probably remember me as that wiseacre in the 20 panels in an hour audience at Boskone.
Hmmm...got any photos up on the web? I seem to recall many wiseacres at that panel. :-)

We're doing it again, by the way, at Noreascon 4, for First Night.
Nobody ever seems to believe that I'm a blue foam squeezy shark. What ever happened to "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"? :-)

I don't have any very recent ones. I suppose "balding, bearded, and slightly chubby" doesn't narrow it down enough, either.

(I was the wiseacre that you threatened to put on the panel for next year. Incidentally, I do have my Boskone membership already, and I'm still masochistic enough to be on program....)
Nice to see someone aside from me getting some use from that story.

I have some new and interesting ones for you sometime, remind me and I'll email them (the perks of teaching for a christian school online, you get new and entertaining stories all the time).

For one example, as a citizen of the United States you are a Christian. Everyone who lives here is one. I know you must be pleased to know that, just as I was. :)

Ask that person if they also think that everyone who is a citizen of Israel is a Jew. Then introduce him/her to the concept of Israeli Arabs...

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