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My Week in Local Brookline Politics: Article 20

When I last posted about Article 20, I indicated that I had filed a new petitioner's motion that would explicitly endorse House Bill H00870. My main reason for filing this motion was that although the Advisory Committee had approved a new motion to regulate political robocalls, the Board of Selectmen had voted against it 3-2. As one of the objections was that the motion was not specific enough in the kind of regulation being called for, this new motion would give the Board of Selectmen a chance to look at the specifics being proposed

On Tuesday night I went before the Board of Selectmen with my new motion. After a rather good discussion, in which many of the Selectmen dissected the details of House Bill B00870, they voted against my new motion. This time the vote was 4-1 instead of 3-2, which meant that I had actually lost ground.

Last night, I met with an Advisory Committee subcommittee to discuss the new motion. After some more high-level discussion, I decided in the end to withdraw my new motion and return to the Advisory Committee's motion, which I still fully support.

The back-and-forth has been a little confusing, but I've emailed my fellow Town Meeting Members to let them know where everything currently stands. I expect that we'll get to Article 20 on Tuesday, May 31, and I'm hoping my arguments in favor of the Advisory Committee motion will be persuasive.
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