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More Local Brookline Politics

I'm pleased to be able to say that Jonathan A. Karon, the candidate I endorsed for the one-year Town Meeting Member seat from Precinct 12, won his race on Tuesday. Jon will be joining the rest of us as Town Meeting convenes later this month.

And speaking of Town Meeting, I've been a little lax about updating on Article 20, my anti-political robocalls resolution. As I noted a while ago, a subcommittee of the Advisory Committee had a hearing to discuss the article. The subcommittee decided that they could support a motion to regulate robocalls, rather than a motion to ban them, and I was happy to go along with their recommendation. The full Advisory Committee voted in favor of the revised motion 13-9-1.

Tonight, the Selectmen will be considering the motion at their public meeting in Town Hall. If you live in Brookline and support the resolution, please consider attending the meeting, which starts at 6 pm. I'll be there to speak in favor of the motion, hoping to get the support of the Selectmen.
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