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Brookline Town Election Day

Today is election day in the town of Brookline, so Nomi and I made sure to get out and vote this morning. I know that for the vast majority of you, today isn't an election day, so it might seem odd to you that I've been thinking of voting, elections, and campaigns for the past few weeks.

We had a rather quiet race in Brookline this year. On the town-wide front, only one race was contested, that of Selectmen. Three candidates are running for two seats. I've endorsed both of the incumbents, Nancy Daly and Dick Benka.

In Precinct 12, however, we have a fascinating contested race. Normally, there are only five Town Meeting seats up in any one year. Each seat is for a three-year term. This year, however, there's also a two-year seat and a one-year seat up for election, due to previous Town Meeting Members leaving Town Meeting. Now, the five main seats and the two-year seat are all uncontested races in which the incumbents are running, but the one-year seat has two newcomers running, creating a contested race.

In the one-year race, I've endorsed Jonathan A. Karon, a former Town Meeting Member and School Committee member who has a lot of experience in Brookline's town government. As it so happens, if you go to the Neighbors Building Brookline website you'll find a list of Jon's endorsements plus a candidate statement from Jon himself. Jon has been endorsed pretty much by almost every Town Meeting Member from Precinct 12, so I think it's a clear statement of support from his (soon-to-be) colleagues.

So if you live in Brookline, please come out and vote today, and if you live in my precinct, please vote for Jon. If you don't live in Brookline, enjoy this glimpse at local politics.


Re: your subject line

doo dah...
I don't live in Brookline, but if I did, an important part of my platform would be to fix the street names. See http://autotruezone.livejournal.com/5645.html
I saw that, but as I'm not part of the transportation department, there's nothing I can do. :-)
3 cheers for democracy!

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