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An Odd Day Today

Today is shaping up to be an odd concatenation of things.

First of all, and most obvious, today is Saint Patrick's Day. I don't do anything to observe this day, although once I went out for corned beef sandwiches because hearing ads on the radio for corned beef put me in the mood for some. But living and working in the Boston area reminds me of the significance of this day.

On the Jewish calendar, however, today is the Fast of Esther, which usually happens the day before Purim but gets moved to Thursday if that would mean fasting on shabbat. Since Purim falls on Sunday this year, I'm fasting today. (I hate fasting.)

And on a personal note, today is the 19th anniversary of the death of my grandmother, Clara Baker Cohen.

Louis Cohen and Clara Baker Cohen, circa 1954 Louis Cohen and Clara Baker Cohen, circa 1954

She was a violinist and a teacher, and a loving grandmother.

More about my grandmother and grandfather:
My Grandmother's Advice
Louis Cohen (July 1, 1905 - February 1, 1956)


Given where I work, I'm very aware of the fast, but hadn't realized it was St. Patrick's Day. Funny.

(And I'm impressed at your retention of dates - to remember the exact day that any of my grandparents passed away, I'd have to check the gravestones.)
Grandma Clara died less then two years after my father did, so it affected my mom a lot. And Grandma Stella died the day before my father did, so it's not hard to recall that date either.

I'd have to look up the dates my grandfathers died, as both were gone before I was born.
Don't forget about Evacuation Day! It's the anniversary of the evacuation of British troops from Boston in the Revolutionary War, and is a legal holiday in Boston.
I didn't forget about it, but it isn't really impinging on my consciousness either, as much as the other things.

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