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Brookline TAB Reports On My Anti-Political Robocalls Resolution

The Brookline TAB and its associated Wicked Local Brookline website has run a piece on my anti-political robocalls warrant article. The online version is titled Brookline resolution calls on politicians to hang up robo-calls, although the print edition title is catchier: Call to action.

Also, the print edition seems to be leading with the story; it's above the fold in the rightmost column, which traditionally is where the most important story of the newspaper is printed.

The reporter, John Hilliard, contacted a few of the state political parties to get their reaction, and also contacted the Secretary of State's office, which confirmed that there is as of yet no state regulations dealing with this issue.

The warrant for the May session of Brookline Town Meeting closes today at noon; as I noted before, I'll be interested in seeing what other issues Town Meeting will be debating.
Tags: brookline, politics, town-meeting

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